Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pinchwheelextruder out of stock :-(

First of all, thanks for your comments on the previous post. After some productive weeks I am now back to tinkering at the RepRap hardware.

Migrated to Leopard, which is a breeze unless you have a mount of X-windows apps to compile and test. which I do. Studied Tcl/Tk which may be of interest for a digital scope application ( I hope syscompdesign will soon launch a 20Mhz digital scope.) Made my first 3D drawing, yes it is but a drawer, watertight so it could be printed by ShapeWays. Furthermore an attempt for a lasercut Sumi-e brushstand. To begin with started drawing a basic one.

Anyway all this single-handed :-p and now back as I have both hands free again!

Wanted to order the Makerbot pinchwheel extruder but it's out of stock :-(
This is a somewhat compensated as I received today the BfB kit with a new heaterbarrel design. This in preparation of an attempt to get the BfB extruder to work.

At the instigation of ProtoSpace I ordered Nanotech microstepping boards for future refinement of the RR. In particular usefull with the BfB lasercut RR as this has quite a number of bolts and nuts to shake apart.