Friday, July 17, 2009

And then there was Extrusion!

Extrusion, glorious extrusion. Ah, this is Extrusion in its purest form!
After assembly of the improved BfB heater nozzle, finally succeeded in usefull extrusion speed! And that with the BfB boltdrive. Renoirs' item led me to give the original drive another chance.

So now production begins. The wishlist off things to be RepRapped, after having printed the minimug of course:
- curtain hook
- kitchen mixer tap handle
- motorbike (Yamaha xj900s) choke handle
- steppercontroller board (for the future stepper-extruder) mount

Hm, it's becoming a flat minimug so rotate it prior to printing...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Digital Storage Oscilloscope on the iMac

Finally the DSO software is running on the iMac!
It is a Voltcraft (i.e. Hantek) model 2090 DSO. HantekDSO (Linux) software from Oleg Khudyakov.

Having KDE installed anyway, here is an example of what KDE looks like on the iMac.