Monday, October 18, 2010


At the time I started this Blog to register my 3D printer stuff in, I thought Blogger was a nice and easy starting point. Now I changed my mind.
Not that Blogger in particular is not the "right thing" to do. It is more the idea of being dependent on one of these "free" services for which you will pay eventually in some way.I just felt like publishing this on my own weblog.

So to keep this a short entry, I moved most of the things I valued worthwhile, to Chaos Geordend. Which is my personal business site which (now) has partly Dutch and partly English content.

Any future Makerbot and/or RepRap stuff I may still log here.

That's it!

PS Yes, it is a matter of paying so either you or your readers are not covered with advertisements. Otoh, eventually we all pay some way or another, if it isn't only Google, to reach content :-)