Thursday, June 25, 2009

Digital Storage Scope on OS X

A short preliminary publication :-) for the few who consider using a Digital Storage Oscilloscope on Mac OS X.

Syscompdesign has a simple DSO and OSS software that works on OS X. The 2MHz bandwith I consider too low for my use though.

In search for other suitable DSO's I found none other. What I did find was the HantekDSO package Oleg K is currently working on. This opens up the Hantek (Voltcraft and the like) DSO for use under Linux. In short, I managed to compile HantekDSO under OS X (10.5.7) and right now waiting for Hantek 2090 delivery to test the combination. If successfull I will followup and figure out how to create a MacPorts portfile.


With help of the Protospace FabLab I managed to cut an improved pinchwheel extruder from 8mm acrylic. Mounted the old BfB heater so it is ready to go, but for one gear, electronics and the steppermotor software... Anyway, Erik dB achieved promising results with this pinchwheel concept.
Pictures follow.