Thursday, June 25, 2009

Digital Storage Scope on OS X

A short preliminary publication :-) for the few who consider using a Digital Storage Oscilloscope on Mac OS X.

Syscompdesign has a simple DSO and OSS software that works on OS X. The 2MHz bandwith I consider too low for my use though.

In search for other suitable DSO's I found none other. What I did find was the HantekDSO package Oleg K is currently working on. This opens up the Hantek (Voltcraft and the like) DSO for use under Linux. In short, I managed to compile HantekDSO under OS X (10.5.7) and right now waiting for Hantek 2090 delivery to test the combination. If successfull I will followup and figure out how to create a MacPorts portfile.


  1. Were you sucessful getting the Hantek 2090 to work under OSX? I am thinking of getting this, but have a Mac. Cheers, Greg

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