Sunday, February 1, 2009

Java Host on OS X 10.4

Decided to dive into some Java tools as I could not get the Java Host SW running on OS X Tiger (10.4.11)
Follows a short list of the steps to get the Host SW compiled and running. Not yet 100%. The Console and 3D window show up though.

Tools used
. Netbeans IDE 6.1
. SVNX - to access the source code from the SVN repository
. Textwrangler - texteditor, handy for editing source-code

Creating the Project in Netbeans
1. install Import Eclipse plugin (select Eclips Project Importer in Tools> Plugin)
2. Import the RepRap Host sw (File> Import project> Eclipse project... and select the SVN folder in which you checked in or exported the code to)
3. Right-click RepRap project, select Properties and:
3.1 Add source /lib subdir to Sources
3.2 Add all .jar files in /lib to Libraries
3.3 Hint from to get Netbeans create a manifest file:
First, right click on the project and go into properties. Go to the run selection and add the main class. Click ok.
Right click on the project again and add an empty file with the name "".
Next, open the window menu and open the files window. Expand nbproject and open Add "" to the file. Now, build your project and it should work!

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