Friday, August 21, 2009

Infinite series and beyond

So I spent again too much time on the FiveD Gcode and Java Host. For some reason the FiveD does see the MIN stops but refuses to recognize the MAX. Debugging the code gives me no clue whatsoever. Yeah, disabled the max stops.

Aside from the Mac Java Host stil failing with "", the latest Java Host (compiled with NetBeans) does not communicate with the FiveD properly. Despite tweaking baudspeeds and what not. The first command is sent and the next read returns "o" or "k" but no "ok". Maybe this is related to the Java Serial stuff. But why does the very same environment work well with the old GCode / Java host combination?

It's time to give RepRap the Java Host a break. In the meantime things may mature. Chances are I get an idea for the solution. But right now the Mac Intel, Java, NetBeans, Arduino, C-code, G-code, Extrusion, Heater construction and so on is too much to chew. It spoils my temper. True though, I learned a lot.

So that's it for now.

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