Sunday, January 23, 2011


Feeling more confident now the RepRap is operational too, I ordered coloured ABS with RepRapSource.
The first black ABS print is a RepRap brutstruder backup. But, well, the black ABS did not stick to the HBP as good as the uncoloured did. Next prints, with HBP temperature set to 120°C, all failed with missing x-y steps after the first ten or so layers. The usual suspects, such as Z-axis blocking, were not the cause. My calibration seems to have been done too hastily and sloppy as a little too much ABS was put down every layer. Recalibrating resulted in a 5mm/s feedrate increase and a successful print.

Btw, the Skeinforge parameters set when calibrating the printer I save in this spreadsheet. The printed calibration cubes I label and saved as well.

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